Hi, I'm Konrad

A third year software engineering student with a passion for complex IT-Solutions


What started as a mere interest in Software Engineering and tackling complex problems has now evolved into a true passion and hobby. I constantly strive to expand my knowledge and skills in this dynamic field. I am a incredibly fast learner, I would say this is my one of my strongest qualities, because it allows me to pick up new technologies and information really quickly. I'm also looking forward to exploring further possibilities of software engineering, enabling me to create innovative solutions that positively impact society.

Additionally, I have a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and plan to deepen my understanding of this fascinating field both during and after my studies, as it holds immense potential for future societal advancements.


The logo of delta-n


Delta-N - Current position

  • Using different fullstack technologies like Angular, C#, EF Core, Bicep, Azure, Azure DevOps

  • Working on different projects and assisting developers

  • Managment of Time and Project

  • Went through the whole software development lifecycle

The logo of delta-n


Delta-N - August 2023 - February 2024

  • Created a cost management module integrated into a developers hub

  • Used different technologies like Angular, C#, EF Core, Bicep, Azure, Azure DevOps

  • Project duration was 6 months and was developed using Scrum

  • Went through the whole software development lifecycle

The logo of the webagency newdesigners


New Designers Agency - March 2023 - July 2023

  • Translated beautiful figma designs into robust front-end code.

  • Used different frameworks such as Next and Nuxt.

  • Projects needed to be developed along side an CMS. Mainly Storyblok and TinaCMS were used.

  • On certain projects a Node.JS backend was also developed. Supabase has been the main database across all projects.


KAT - Stucadoors

KAT - Stucadoors

Website for Kat Stucadoors. The website has been made using Wordpress and is using different plugins to make the website visually pleasing. The website is serving the purpose of a portfolio and means of contact

Project Image

Theaterlaak (Study)

Fully functioning website for Theater Laak. The website has been made using React and Tailwind for the front-end and C# for the back-end deployed using docker. The website also needed to be accessible for people with impaired vision. The website has been developed with a team using scrum framework.

Project Image

Betabit (Study)

First year java project developed for BetaBit. This desktop application created using Java, JavaFX and tested with JUNIT served as the main motivator for employees to be more mindfull of their CO2 emissions. The website has been developed by a small team of student using agile teamwork.

Project Image

Curious for more ?

Did something catch your eye ? Want to see more, or have more questions ? Click on the button below to go to my personal github or get in touch! Besides study projects I've worked on various professional web sites/ apps and would love to discuss those as well


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